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Payment Options

Dream Partner is fully owned and managed by the “Ogives Group” a firm legally established in Sri Lanka (Business Reg: No: CPC/KY/DS/2/2/6282 ) and located in Kandy.

Your payments on behalf of the “Dream Partner” should be credited on behalf of “Ogives Group” using one of the following the modes of payments, now available for your convenience.

Modes of Payment.

  • Pay Via your Debit / Credit Card Or
  • To the Commercial Bank, Sampath Bank or Peoples Bank

Via your Debit / Credit Card

To make your payment please visit the link given below.
03 Months Proposals
06 Months Proposals

We are using PayHere, a Central Bank approved Secure Payment Service for our online payments.

Via Bank - Step 1

You can easily make the payments by visiting the nearest Commercial Bank or People’s Bank branch.

Name of Account Holder : Ogives Group
Account Number : 814 200 8513 ( Commercial Bank )
  1220 1401 3092 (Sampath Bank)
  003 2 001 2 0036099 (People’s Bank)

Step 2

To Submit Your Payment Details Click Here
Or else you can email / sms us your payment details as mentioned below.

Subject of the email : Payment for Premium Membership
Message : Bank Branch Name : (The name of the branch to which the payment was made)
Your Ref. No : eg: ID 1579
Date of payment :
  or SMS above details to (+94) 071 5 519 975