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Greetings..! I may be too old for this proposal I presume, lol, then thought why not give it a go, let's try my luck, by the way, my details are given below Softhearted, neurodiverse and never outgrew my ego phase. I'm a creative in a risky industry and I'm trying to figure out how or whether that can be reconciled with my career. I value the comfort of routine but often year for spontaneity and adventure. I want to travel, live and love widely but also seek deep. I am 49 years old, my zodiac sign is Aquarius. An easy-going life partner aged between 30-40 either divorced or separated without children is whom I am seeking Humility,​kindness and loyalty are way more important. Occupation - Gas-safe engineer,​ separated, non-smoker,​teetotaller,​5’9” in height, living in the United Kingdom, Uk Citizen, reply full details with the photo email: let me know your WhatsApp number only if you prefer then we can have a chat

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